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  <FONT SIZE=3>Art Dept., C.W. Post Campus of L.I.U., 720 Northern Blvd.

  Brookville, N.Y. 11548</FONT ARIAL></H2>

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 <BR>Professor of Art, Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus,

  Brookville, N.Y.<BR>

  Courses include basic and intermediate Digital Imaging, History of Photography,<BR> Alternative Process Photography, basic and Intermediate photography, drawing. <BR>Advisor,

Graduate Projects.<BR>



 IMAC, Huntington, NY<BR>

 One Person Exhibition, &quot;Accumulations: Photographs Since the Millennium&quot;<BR>

  Huntington, N.Y.<BR>

 Center for Photography at Woodstock<BR>

 &quot;Group Show&quot;<BR>

  Woodstock, N.Y.<BR>

 Beacon Gallery<BR>

 One Person Exhibition, &quot;Sunflowers&quot;<BR>

  Bellport, N.Y.<BR>

 Whitney Musem, NYC<BR>

  Portrait of Ray Johnson included in his retrospective exhibition.<BR>

Photography Gallery, Port Washington Public Library<BR>

  One Person Exhibition, &quot;Chasing the Light&quot; and &quot;Hybrids&quot;<BR>

  Port Washington, N.Y.<BR>

 University for the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.<BR>

  Mednick Gallery &quot;In Warm Light&quot;<BR>

  One Person Exhibition of Gum-Bichromate Prints.<BR>



  Guild Hall, Easthampton, NY<BR>

  Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY<BR>

  Center for Photography at Woodstock<BR>

  Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, N.Y.<BR>

  Bryn Mawr College<BR>

  Polaroid Collection <BR>



  Visual Studies Workshop, Residency Grant. 1988<BR>

  NEA and NYSCA Grants to curate &quot;Photojournalism in the 80's&quot;,

  Hillwood Museum, L.I.U. <BR>

  Visiting Artist, Polaroid 20 x 24 Studio. 1990<BR>

  Kodak Grant, Visiting Artist, Center for Creative Imaging. 1991<BR>

  C.W. Post College Research Committee Grants 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1995,



  New York University, N.Y.<BR>

  Nassau Community College, Garden City, N.Y. <BR>

  University of the Arts, Philadelphia, N.Y.<BR>

  Port Washington Public Library<BR>

  Guild Hall, Southampton, N.Y.


&quot;Images of America:GLEN COVE&quot;<BR>

    By Joan Harrison, Arcadia Publishing,2008<BR>

&quot;Images of America:GLEN COVE REVISITED&quot;<BR>

    By Joan Harrison, Arcadia Publishing,2010<BR>

&quot;Images of America:LOCUST VALLEY&quot;<BR>

    By Joan Harrison, Arcadia Publishing,2011<BR>

 &quot;Family: A Celebration of Humanity&quot;<BR>

    William Morrow/ Harper Collins, N.Y.2001<BR>

    One of 300 images chosen for the project out of 40,000 entries<BR>

 &quot;Black and White Photography, Manifest Visions an International Collection&quot;<BR>

    By James Luciana, Rockport Publishers, Gloucester, Mass, 2000<BR>

 &quot;PregnantPictures&quot;,Routledge Press.2000<BR>

&quot;Magic Wand&quot;, Addison Wesley Publishers,1998 (Article on teaching Digital Imaging)<BR>

  &quot;History of Photography&quot;17:4 Journal, Winter Issue<BR>

  Linacre College, Oxford England<BR>

  &quot;Colour in the Gum-Bichromate Medium; A Uniquely Personal Aesthetic&quot;<BR><BR>



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